Our Meals

Every effort is made to ensure that the dietary needs of all our children are met.  Children with allergies and preferences are served meals adhering to special instructions by their parents.  Meal plans are handled by our nutritionist and dietitian who makes these plans keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of preschool children with the taste appeal and spice levels in mind.

Meals are cooked on site by our dedicated kitchen team.  All our ingredients are fresh and sourced locally as far as possible.  During meal times we discuss the importance of healthy eating and encourage the children to eat independently.  

All parents are notified of the meal menu at the beginning of each month.

Preschool Meal Timings

Play Group and Nursery – 10:00 AM
Prep I and Prep II – 10:30 AM

Day Care Meal Timings

Breakfast – 10:30 AM
Lunch – 12:45 PM
Evening Snacks – 4:00 PM

We do not provide milk and fruits to any of the children (we serve what is provided by parents).
We do not provide any food or milk drinks to 1 year old or younger children (we serve what is provided by parents).