Our Activities

We engage our children in a lot of fun activities – 

Puppet Theater Room

Our Puppet Theater room is perfect for early childhood environments.  It has a colorful stage with curtains for imaginative puppet shows.  We have a puppet tree covered with hand puppets. There are animal puppets, bird puppets, complete stories with puppets.  Puppets are a great way to capture the interest of our children.  Puppets are used to teach concepts, to expand language, listening skills, manners and to encourage creative thinking.  They are used to entertain during transition time, drawing children to circle, telling stories, and singing songs.

Dramatic Play Center

We change our Dramatic Play Center throughout the year to keep it fresh and exciting.  This center is an essential part of our preschool classroom.  Dramatic play helps children explore different roles and situations.  Children play with items and tools that adults use in everyday life during dramatic play.  Role play also helps children learn about their community, their surrounding environment and a variety of careers.
Some of our dramatic play themes items are – 
• Carpentry
• Dress Up
• Play Kitchen
• Play Living Room
• Play Market/Grocery Store
• Puppets

Show and Tell

The purpose of conducting Show and Tell sessions is to make children aware of different aspects of life, to build their self-esteem, self-image, self-discovery, to improve their communication skills, and to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge.  Show and Tell is fun for children of all age groups – they share a part of themselves with others in more ways than one.
Our teachers decide and schedule Show and Tell days.  Parents are informed about these days and about the reasonable size of an item for the child to bring.  On the decided day, children either bring an item or they may choose to tell about something.  Children may also choose to just watch and listen.  During the day, teachers may allow children to play with, share, or talk about what they brought.

Field Trips and Nature Walks

Our preschool programs are enriched through the inclusion of carefully planned field trips.  Firsthand experience provides children with information and a level of understanding that adds elements of realism to their play, and enriches their overall learning. Field trips and nature walks are considered an important part of the educational program and are taken periodically to nearby locations.  These trips give children educational experiences away from their regular school environment.  Our popular field trip sites include nature centers, community agencies such as fire stations and clinics, and science museums.  Not only do such trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, they can also benefit the community if they include some type of community service.

Other Outdoor Activities

We love nature.  Rain or sunshine, we consider the outdoors an extension of our classrooms.  Vegetable patches and flower gardens, over-sized sand play areas, bike riding paths and a splash pool provide limitless opportunities to our children for fresh air, sunshine, exercise and exploration of the natural world.