Our Philosophy

“Don’t think of what you want to be, think of what you want to do” – Barack Obama (Former US President)

Our children will be young adults in the later part of 21st century. Research shows 65% of jobs that will be employing our children don’t exist today.

At Angels Paradise we endeavor to equip our children with skills they’ll need tomorrow. Scientific and academic research predicts the key skills that will help our children be successful will be – thinking creatively, thinking critically, communicating efficiently  and interacting effectively.

As parents think about the skills that your child will need to possess and about how would he will learn them.

At Angels Paradise we want our children to be –

Curious: Knowledge can only be assembled if one is curious about their surroundings. We encourage our children to ask questions at school and at home as learning is a never ending process.

Communicating: Communication will be a critical skill set for our young toddlers, who will need to engage, share ideas and lead teams and deliver key outcomes using verbal and non-verbal communication.

Fun: Young children need to have fun so that they enjoy every moment of learning and this needs to be part of their natural instinct.  Having fun makes the body and mind more relaxed and learning is more effective and long-term.

Hence we simply measure our success criteria for every student of ours by measuring the child’s Curiosity Quotient (CUQ), Communication Quotient (COQ) and Fun Quotient (FUQ)

Success = CUQ+ COQ+ FUQ