Our Safety and Security Measures

We take the Safety and Security of our children very seriously.

Entrance Checkpoint

Outsiders are allowed to enter our premises only after – 

  • logging an entry with our security guard in his log book
  • After producing a photo ID

Employee Verification

  • Support Staff undergoes police verification and annual medical tests
  • All teachers are first-aid certified and are hired after personal reference checks are completed

CCTV Coverage

  • Complete and continuous visibility to parents of their child during school hours is provided
  • High quality resolution enabled live CCTV access real-time access is available at all times to parents on their phones

Infrastructure Safety

  • Our outdoor flooring is fully rubberized to prevent injury while at play
  • Our swings have rubber grips on their chain-links
  • All of our furniture is child sized with soft edges
  • Our washrooms are child friendly and designed so children may not accidentally lock themselves in
  • Picket fence gates are installed at strategic locations
  • Regular sanitation of toys and equipment is performed
  • Fire extinguishers and alarms are installed in the school