Chores for preschoolers

Parents lead a very hectic life nowadays and finds it almost impossible to match up to the energy level of their kids. The easiest and most convenient  option to keep their kids occupied is to give them a Phone or a Tab and constant YouTube/cartoon  screening. This way we are sorted for hours. Well it might solve the problem for that very momenthowever we all are aware that it is not only harmful for our children’s eyesight but also damages their overall development in the long run. Well what can be done then?
Here  we have a much easier and ancient anecdote that will not only keep our kids busy but also assist in sculpting them into fine individuals. It is a tried and tested formula that can never go wrong. Our grannies and mothers tried it on us and we can carry the legacy forward. We can introduce simple chores to our little ones and interest them in doing it regularly. Yes you read it right….. CHORES! Daily household/school work that a preschooler can perform.

Sometimes parents wonder if they should really give their children chores. After all, isn’t it the parents responsibilities to manage the household? And don’t children need an opportunity to ‘just be kids’for now because they have the rest of their lives to worry about chores?
Despite these concerns, however, giving a child chores may be one of the most important things we ever do. Children who do chores learn responsibility, discipline and gain important life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Preschool children can be given simple chores that involve picking up or putting things in the right place, etc. This will help enhance their motor skills apart from learning to be responsible individuals. Below is a list of a few chores that preschoolers can practice on a daily basis both in school as well as home.

1.Picking up the toys after they have done playing
2.Keeping their stationery (colours, pencils, etc.) back in their bag or basket from wherever they took it.
3.Keeping their belongings in the right place.
4.Keeping their snack/lunch plate in the wash area after they have finished eating.
5.Helping  their elders set the table before eating.
6.Putting his/her own clothes away after the laundry is done.
7.Making their own bed..
8.Watering indoor and outdoor plants.
9.Helping by keeping away grocery items.
10.Keeping away washed utensils.

You will be surprised to see how children love to participate in daily work. They are always eager to be someone’s helping hand. A child of this age is over energetic and always fishing for attention. When they see that they are given importance, they develop a sense of confidence and strive to give utmost result. It is our responsibility to use this trait in their overall development and channelize it in a positive way. This will not only make our lives a little easy but also help our children stand out with confidence in the world.

By Tracy Banerjee

Nursery Classteacher