| Kshitija Mitter | Mother of Rhea | Prep II |

We wanted a school that allowed our daughter to be a kid and learn to socialize as well as prepare her for the coming years and glad that she is in Angels Paradise Academy.  It is a place that she looks forward to going which makes it obvious that she is treated well at school.  Her vocabulary has expanded, her public speaking skills have improved and overall her confidence level has increased. The loving and wonderful teachers, lavish care and attention to each child. The teachers especially (Ms Ramya , Ms Chiro & Ms Amy to name a few) are exceptional in their warmth and kindness. They are strict when needed, which is important as well. The school is inclusive, which is more important for us as parents as we believe that’s needed for holistic growth of our child. We really appreciate this inclusiveness at Angels Paradise Academy. We believe that it takes an entire village to bring up a child and we are glad that Angels Paradise Academy has been a vital part of this journey.