What does good parenting mean?

Is there any perfect definition for “Good Parenting”?  Well every parent has a different take on it which to them is “Good Parenting”. The approach that works with one child may not work with another because every child is unique and who else knows the child better than the parent.
Parenting can both difficult and rewarding. There are however a few tips to ensure that you have a happy child –
  •  Love them unconditionally. Too much love will never spoil your child
  • Spend time with them
  • Be friendly and listen to your children
  • Be there for them when they need you
  • Treat them with respect because although they are little, they are also individuals. This will also make them treat others with respect.
  • When they are wrong correct them in a firm but kind manner
  • Dont compare your child to other children
  • Recognise the interest and talent that your child has. Dont force your child into something just because you see another kid excelling in it. Encourage them to do things they love doing

Today there is a lot of competition amongst parents to prove that their child is the best. In this process we do not realise the stress we put our children through. So let us be their source of motivation rather than their source of stress.Positive parenting (i.e. using positive words, encouraging the child ) will go a long way to make our children emotionally and mentally healthy. A good parent doesnt have to be perfect. No one is perfect. If we are bringing up our children to be good human beings with a beautiful mind and soul then we definitely are doing “Good Parenting”.

Thank you
Tintu Rajan
Mother of Nishchay Sandeep
Playgroup 2017-18